Big Gun Robotics provides high volume welded assemblies to customers requiring precision weldments for their manufacturing processes. We offer a variety of new technology and strategic planning to get our customers the products they need on time - every time.

High Volume Weldments

High Volume Manufacturing – We have the procedures, software, equipment and staff to deliver high volume projects. We can produce highly complex one time runs or standard PO driven continuous product runs for our customers.

Large Weldments – We can produce components and assemblies for large equipment manufacturers. We welcome projects requiring larger sized welds and assemblies.

  • Robotic Welding
  • Hand Welding
  • Inline Boring
  • Precision Grinding and Finishing
  • Painting and Powder Coating
  • Tight Tolerance Adherence
Inline Boring

Our manufacturing capabilities give us the ability to deliver finished assemblies that meet customer requirements, tight time lines, and at a competitive price.

Contact us today to learn how Big Gun Robotics can help your manufacturing process with our precision built products.

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